May 18, 2024

Design #890

Design:  #890 A redesign of #82 by Artus Van Briggle. Design #82 has horizontal lines around the lower half of the vase.  

Date Designed:  1911

Designer:  unknown 

Description:  Large vase with 2 handles, featuring stylized flowers.  Bottom markings include Double-A and Van Briggle, Colo. Spgs. on sandy clay, attributed to the 1920s.

Glaze is beautiful Mountain Crag Brown, created sometime in the late teens-early 1920s, and used until the Flood of 1935 washed away that glaze formula along with many pottery pieces from the east side of the pottery.  Fred Wills later worked with a potter who had been working during the flood of 1935.  He remembered the formula for the glaze and made one batch of the Mountain Crag Brown in the 1950s!  So you may find an occasional later piece in Mountain Crag Brown!

Dimensions:  approx. 7 1/2″ height, 8″ width handle to handle

Other:  Mountain Crag Brown (inaccurately referred to as Mt. Craig Brown for decades) was advertised in the 1920s literature as being reminiscent of the colors of “the browns and greens found in a mountain crag.”

Collection:  Courtesy of Kelley McMahon

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