May 18, 2024

Design #903 & 903D


Design:  903

Date Designed:  1912

Designer:  Probably Ambrose Schlegel

Description:  Plain Bowl, with low rim; covered in a yellow glaze.  Bottom markings include the inscribed Double-A, date of 1915 and Design #903; all in the handwriting attributed to Ned Curtis.

Dimensions:  8″ diameter

Other:  Edmund deF. Curtis was the pottery owner during this period.  The handwriting has been referred to as the “Ned Curtis Scrawl.”

Collection:  Courtesy of Steve Dana



Design:  #903D  Dragonflies

Date Designed:  1912

Designer:  probably Anne Gregory Van Briggle

Description:  Bowl with 4 dragonflies encircling the rim.  Glaze is strong yellow, but slightly lighter than Mustard; and has a red over spray.  Set contains the 3-frog flower frog.

Dimensions:  8 1/4″ width

Other:  This design was not documented until the 2015 Revised Catalogue of Van Briggle Designs by Robert Wyman Newton.  Vintage VBPCo records were discovered, believed to be in the handwriting of Anne Gregory Van Briggle.

Collection:  Private


Design #903 Plain Bowl, 9″ dated 1915.  Inscription on bottom in the handwriting of pottery lessee, Ned Curtis.  Optional flower frog and paperweight.

Collection:  Private



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