July 18, 2024

Design #809 by Mae Cook in 1910

One of six designs by Mae Cook for Van Briggle Pottery from 1909 – 1910.  This tray is listed in the Catalogue of Van Briggle Designs, by Robert Wyman Newton, as an ashtray without known dimensions.

This example is in the early Mulberry color, and dimensions are 4 x 6 inches, with a pipe and smoke rising from the surface.  The reverse side shows the “dirty bottom” indicative of the early teens period.

The reverse bears a somewhat unusual “- VAN BRIGGLE – ” mark, as well as the double-A.

Imagine my suprise when we walked into a small town antique store, and saw this on the shelf!  It has a quarter-inch nick on the upper right corner, as photographed.

Mae Cook is probably best known for her design #778, a cherub planter, made in at least three sizes and for a lengthy time as several have been found in the late 1970 – early 1980 russet glaze.

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