May 18, 2024

Do you have a Van Briggle Teens Turtle?

Do you have a similar Van Briggle Turtle?  Some time ago we were shown this piece by a friend.  I very much wanted to buy it, but it was not for sale.  Not long ago, our friend “gifted” it to my husband and me!  What  a wonderful gesture and surprise!!

The turtle reminds me of a duck paperweight which we have in our collection.  They are the same color green glaze, with the same style double-A and streaked glaze “dirty bottom” on the base.

I have been told that other turtles are in the hands of collectors, but have not seen any.  If you have a turtle, will you share a photo to be posted?  It would be interesting to know if other colors were made, and if any were produced early enough to have been dated.

We assumed the “slice” through the turtle shell was a mistake.  However; two collectors who have seen the turtle believe it might have been produced as a place card holder.    We have seen a Van Briggle early postcard of the first rabbit, with separated ears, being sold as a place card holder.      Always curious for more information!


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