July 18, 2024

Double-A & U.S.A. Mark on Lorelei

Beautiful Lorelei & Bottom Markings

Barry & Debbie James of Dallas County, TX furnished photos of the bottom markings on their Lorelei.  They acquired this beautiful piece from an online seller is 2011.  The Lorelei is 9 1/2″ in height, and generally acknowledged to be from the 1922-1926 production period, with the U.S.A. mark on the bottom.  They note the beautiful grayish-blue overspray on her face and more than half of the vase.

This example of the double-A marking more closely resembles the first known use of the trademark in 1899, produced by Anne prior to the founding of the pottery.  The 2 “A’s” represent Artus & Anne. 

An article from November, 1979 in “The COLLECTOR” shows much the same mark as indicative of the U.S.A. period of production.   However, the majority of U.S.A. marked pieces do not bear this style of the double-A.  A beautiful piece & beautiful markings; thanks Barry & Debbie James for sharing!

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