May 20, 2024

DRAGON Van Briggle Lamp

This lamp found us, instead of us finding the lamp.  It had resided in Okla. City for several years.  We have no recollection of having seen another, or any vintage brochure featuring such a design.

Mid-July, we visited Colorado Springs, and once again called upon the expertise of Fred Wills, who was a potter at Van Briggle Pottery Co. from 1947-1988.  Fred does recall the pottery making a few of these, but does not recall any being made into a lamp.

The top opening for the lamp post, and side hole for the cord are factory drilled & glazed.  So at least one of these guys was made, although perhaps the design was not ever placed in full production.

The dragon is such an ugly creature that he is almost cute!

Please email if you have seen, or have ever owned one of these.


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  1. RON Gifford says

    I have the same lamp with the original shade , it was in my grandmothers attic for years and years , I guess it was not something she displayed every day

    • Ron:
      I have been unable to access my own website for over 2 years; however, am up and running again. I am glad to know of another dragon lamp. We took off the lamp attachment and shade, and display our’s as another unusual piece. Fred Wills remembers a few being made in the mid-century years.
      Enjoy! Kathy

  2. Also have one from my grandparents. Not sure what happen to shade.

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