May 24, 2024

Van Briggle Memorial Pottery


Dedicated by Anne Gregory Van Briggle to her late husband, Artus Van Briggle, on December 3, 1908

Memorial Pottery Side - Small

Memorial Pottery Side

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This magnificent building is located at 1125 Glen. Av. in Colorado Springs, and presently houses the Facilities Services Department of Colorado College. Many collectors and Colorado Springs residents alike, are not aware of the building and its history to the early years of Van Briggle Art Pottery.

The original pottery location was a small location at 617 N. Nevada Avenue in Colorado Springs. It was from here that Artus Van Briggle began his business and held the first showing of his pottery in 1901. Artus Van Briggle and Anne Lawrence Gregory were married in June of 1902, and lived just north of their pottery, at 1712 N. Nevada Ave. It was in their home that Artus died from effects of tuberculosis on the evening of July 4, 1904.

Anne planned this new pottery building as a memorial to her beloved deceased husband. The building was formally dedicated on December 3, 1908. Anne lost financial control of the pottery in 1912; however, a succession of new owners operated the business from this location until 1968. In that year, the building was sold to Colorado College, and Van Briggle Art Pottery operated out of what had years prior become their secondary location – the old Midland Roundhouse located on 21st Street in Colorado Springs. It is that location only with which many collectors are familiar.

George Eckhardt, Facilities Services of Colorado College, has been dedicated to the upkeep and historical preservation of the building. Eckhardt was instrumental in the addition of the building to the National Register of Historic Places in 2009. In past years, with the assistance of Eckhardt and his team; the Women’s Educational Society of Colorado College has given annual tours of the building, with proceeds benefiting their scholarship efforts. The remainder of the year, the building is housed by the Facilities Services Department; however, a pictorial self-guided tour catalog is available for purchase within the office. There are thousands of hand-made tile covering the interior and exterior of the building.

Don’t miss the annual tour event this year!! The date will be announced here when it is available.

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