June 25, 2024

Undocumented Van Briggle shared by Steve Dana!

Steve Dana shared photos of this pottery, believed to be an undocumented early design by Van Briggle.  The height of the piece is 4 1/4″, the diameter at the opening 2 1/4″ and the interior has some wax which has not been removed.  The design size & shape is similar to #645, and the color of clay & glaze are very similar to other undocumented pieces of Van Briggle without bottom markings.

I am recording this as Undocumented #16 on page 77 of the Revised Catalogue of Van Briggle Designs.  In my opinion, photo #3 below strongly resembles a ginkgo leaf, with stem reaching to the top of the vase.  Any other opinions?

Handwritten records survived of about 700 of the first 953 designs created between 1900-1912, primarily by Artus & Anne.  During extremely difficult periods, such as the death of Artus, and relocation of the pottery to the 1908 Memorial Pottery building, many records were omitted.  Design #953 was recorded in 1912 and Ambrose Schlegel as the designer.  That was the last handwritten record, and when Anne left the pottery.

In our early years of collecting, we located dated, inscribed examples of #512, 514, 543, 567 & 620.  Others contributed; and in 2015, about 90 new & revised designs were added to the Revised Catalogue of VB Designs.

With everyone’s assistance; some day we may be able to document all 953!!   Much appreciation to Steve Dana for sharing!

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