July 18, 2024

Van Briggle 1959 “Rush to the Rockies” Centennial Design discovered

Van Briggle Glazed Pottery Covered Wagon

Produced in 1959 for the “Rush to the Rockies” Centennial

A 1959 news article from the Colorado Springs Gazette Telegraph explains that the covered wagon piece, reminiscent of the days of 1859, when gold discoveries caused a rush of people to Pikes Peak Country; was produced by Van Briggle Art Pottery in observance of the 1959 Centennial “Rush to the Rockies” events. 

The photo published in 1959 shows Mrs. Burl E. McKinney, wife of the Van Briggle Art Pottery manager, presenting one of the covered wagons to the centennial executive director.

Fifty years later, one of the wagons surfaced at a Colorado Springs thrift store for $5.99, and was then sold to a Van Briggle collector.  A color photograph of it is shown.

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