May 24, 2024

VB Tea Pot “Electric Stove” with Patented Heating Coil

This set belongs to my daughter, Anna Honea-Wyatt.  We had seen one in Persian Rose in 2011 at a show in Wichita, but it was not for sale.  The patent number on the bottom was intriguing because it was 1906, and the Van Briggle date of the teapot production was 1918.  In the past year, a third set has surfaced in Persian Rose, and all three teapots have been dated 1918.

As shown in the photos, the metal plate with heating element was affixed inside a Van Briggle pottery base.  These were made to match the teapot in design, color and size.  A vintage Van Briggle photograph included in a brochure from the 1918 period, lists The Vintage Van Briggle Tea Set for sale at $22.50; which included the Stove, Tea Pot, Sugar, Creamer and Six Cups & Saucers.  The electric stove was offered for sale individually for $10.00.

Through some online research, we learned the “LMP” mark and patent date “PAT, FEB 6, ’06” referred to the patent of the Nichrome heating wire by Albert Marsh, which he invented while working for Hoskin’s Manufacturing Co.  “LMP” referred to “licensed under Marsh patents.”  Any manufacturer who wanted to use Nichrome had to pay a licensing fee.

Referencing Hazelcorn’s Price Guide to Old Electric Toasters by Charles Fisher; “Licenses making toasters, irons, bowl heaters and the like were required to label each item with the Feb. 6, 1906 date and the diamond (Licensed under Marsh Patents), although the latter is sometimes missing.    The patent expired in 1923, the alloy entered the public domain, and the notice disappeared from products.  It must be assumed that any toaster carrying the LMP notice was made between approximately 1915 and 1923.  The notice would not be stopped on the day the patent expired, but only as soon as the maker had a chance to replace or alter the labeling.”

The Diamond LMP mark on the set above is partially obscured by the glaze.

Charles Lansing owned the Van Briggle Pottery Co. in 1918 when these were produced.  Perhaps with collector input, we will all learn more about this product.

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