May 24, 2024

Gold Ore Glaze by Van Briggle Art Pottery

If you have not seen the Gold Ore Glaze pieces by Van Briggle Pottery; they are somewhat difficult to find.  Produced in 1956 for only a few months, the pieces are limited in numbers.  They do occasionally pop up at antique shows and sales, but are more often than not unidentified.  The clay color showing on the bottom is a beige-color similar to other pieces known as “Anna Van” produced by Van Briggle with a tan, smooth clay during the 1955-1968 period.

A Colorado Springs Gazette Telegraph article states “SOMETHING NEW…Visitors to the Van Briggle Pottery have long been interested in such things as ‘throwing on the potter’s wheel’ and the huge kilns in which pieces are baked, but this year they’ll see something new – the dipping of pottery pieces into a solution containing gold.  After being dipped the pieces are glazed.”  The article continues by saying that powdered gold ore from Cripple Creek Gold Mines is incorporated to give the final product a speckled effect.

Several different Van Briggle designs have surfaced, and most bring high prices through online auction, due to the novelty of the glaze.  One report of a Gold Ore Despondency has been documented; however, most of the pieces are of small to medium size.

Several different bottom markings have been noted.  Some pieces will have “Gold Ore Glaze Made in Colo Spgs.” on the bottom – with or without the addition of the words “Van Briggle”;  others will have a “G” within an “O” indicating Gold Ore, and “by Van Briggle Colo. Spgs.”

In today’s market – obtaining a Van Briggle Gold Ore Glaze just might be the easiest way to own your piece of gold!

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