May 24, 2024

Gold Ore Glaze by Van Briggle Art Pottery

If you have not seen the Gold Ore Glaze pieces by Van Briggle Pottery; they are somewhat difficult to find.  Produced in 1956 for only a few months, the pieces are limited in numbers.  They do occasionally pop up at antique shows and sales, but are more often than not unidentified.  The clay color showing on the […]

Mountain CRAG Brown

Mountain CRAG Brown ….reflecting the browns and greens found in a mountain crag At some point throughout the years, the name of this glaze color began to be incorrectly referred to as Mountain CRAIG Brown.  Early literature clearly states the name as “MOUNTAIN CRAG BROWN”  and the rationale for the use of the term.    While […]

Roundhouse Blue Glaze for Van Briggle

During Van Briggle Art Pottery’s relocation from the Roundhouse in the fall of 2008, a room was opened upstairs which had previously been sealed shut. When the door was pried open, the 5 ft. x 8 ft. room was found to contain a fine white powder approximately 3 feet deep. Craig Stevenson was consulted, and […]