June 18, 2024

Mountain CRAG Brown

Mountain Crag Brown

Mountain Crag Brown

Mountain CRAG Brown

….reflecting the browns and greens found in a mountain crag

At some point throughout the years, the name of this glaze color began to be incorrectly referred to as Mountain CRAIG Brown.  Early literature clearly states the name as “MOUNTAIN CRAG BROWN”  and the rationale for the use of the term.   

While the amount of over spray varies from piece to piece; the resulting appearance is one of a honey-brown color with a shade of fairly light, bright green over spray.  Years before this glaze appeared, numerous other shades of browns and greens were used to glaze pottery, both separately and together.

It has been recorded that the glaze formula for the Mountain Crag Brown glaze was lost in the Flood of 1935, which destroyed a major part of the east side of the Memorial Pottery building.  Photos exist showing the side of the building collapsing, and pottery pieces and molds flowing down the hillside into the creek below.   

It seems we are missing information as to the first introduction of the glaze color.  If you have information to share, please send a comment.

NEW INFORMATION Feb. 2012:  Fred Wills believes that Elgie McDermet produced a batch of similar color pottery in the 1950s.  He said there is no way to determine whether McDermet used the same formula, but that he could probably have produced it from memory since he had mixed it years prior. 

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