June 18, 2024

Van Briggle Art Pottery For Sale

NOTICE POSTED AT VAN BRIGGLE ART POTTERY, 1024 South Tejon, Colorado Springs, December 31, 2011

Business was brisk on the weekend of December 31, 2011. Long-time collectors and even some local residents who had never before purchased Van Briggle pottery were all eager to find a special selection to buy. The showroom floor looked quite empty when the doors were closed on Saturday, Dec. 31.

Van Briggle Art Pottery has been in existence for 112 years, and everyone hopes only the best for its continuance. One hundred years earlier in 1912, Anne Gregory Van Briggle Ritter gave up the pottery as a failing economic concern. Others stepped in to revive the pottery, which has continued to this day, and will hopefully continue operation yet another 100 years.

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