July 18, 2024

First Designs: #543

1906 VAN BRIGGLE #543 This Van Briggle piece has not previously been catalogued and recorded.  It appears to be a Poppy Flower Design.  The piece stands 4 1/4″ in height, and 4 1/4″ in diameter.   The glaze is a beautiful green over dark chocolate clay; with the high points of the design showing the clay […]

Van Briggle Vintage Fireplaces!!!

click on the photo to enlarge Van Briggle Vintage Fireplaces!! Collectors love to see the vintage Van Briggle fireplaces. From visiting in Colorado Springs over the last 10 years or so, we have seen and photographed several beautiful vintage Van Briggle fireplaces. This fireplace is one of the latest to be recognized and authenticated in […]

Roundhouse Blue Glaze for Van Briggle

During Van Briggle Art Pottery’s relocation from the Roundhouse in the fall of 2008, a room was opened upstairs which had previously been sealed shut. When the door was pried open, the 5 ft. x 8 ft. room was found to contain a fine white powder approximately 3 feet deep. Craig Stevenson was consulted, and […]

Van Briggle Art Pottery For Sale

NOTICE POSTED AT VAN BRIGGLE ART POTTERY, 1024 South Tejon, Colorado Springs, December 31, 2011 Business was brisk on the weekend of December 31, 2011. Long-time collectors and even some local residents who had never before purchased Van Briggle pottery were all eager to find a special selection to buy. The showroom floor looked quite […]