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Do you have a Van Briggle Teens Turtle?

Do you have a similar Van Briggle Turtle?  Some time ago we were shown this piece by a friend.  I very much wanted to buy it, but it was not for sale.  Not long ago, our friend “gifted” it to my husband and me!  What  a wonderful gesture and surprise!! The turtle reminds me of […]

Mountain CRAG Brown

Mountain CRAG Brown ….reflecting the browns and greens found in a mountain crag At some point throughout the years, the name of this glaze color began to be incorrectly referred to as Mountain CRAIG Brown.  Early literature clearly states the name as “MOUNTAIN CRAG BROWN”  and the rationale for the use of the term.    While […]

Roundhouse Blue Glaze for Van Briggle

During Van Briggle Art Pottery’s relocation from the Roundhouse in the fall of 2008, a room was opened upstairs which had previously been sealed shut. When the door was pried open, the 5 ft. x 8 ft. room was found to contain a fine white powder approximately 3 feet deep. Craig Stevenson was consulted, and […]

Van Briggle Memorial Pottery

VAN BRIGGLE MEMORIAL POTTERY Dedicated by Anne Gregory Van Briggle to her late husband, Artus Van Briggle, on December 3, 1908 Share with others your favorite experience visiting the Memorial Pottery – add a comment. This magnificent building is located at 1125 Glen. Av. in Colorado Springs, and presently houses the Facilities Services Department of […]